Solid Waste Collection Reminder

To avoid impacting your neighborhood and community and to help preserve our Island Paradise, residents are reminded that the Solid Waste contract for single family homes and duplex properties allows for the pick-up of:

  • Garbage service: 1 cart, 2 loose bags.
  • Recycling service: 1 cart. Place recyclables loose in cart (not in plastic bags). Excess cardboards not fitting in the container must be placed at curb, flattened, bundled.
  • Yard waste: 6 bags or bundles placed at the curb on second day of garbage pick-up.

Great Waste is not picking up amounts that exceed the guidelines and is, instead, marking excess waste with an educational tag that explains why the waste was not collected.

For more information, please see the solid waste brochure mailed annually to all properties or visit the Village website. If there are any questions, please contact

Examples of Solid Waste that will NOT be collected by Great Waste Services - Copy



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