Rickenbacker Causeway: County Immediate Actions

We know that the Rickenbacker Causeway is important to you, our residents.

Be assured that the Village of Key Biscayne continues to communicate and work with Miami-Dade County daily as they implement immediate safety solutions along the causeway. Our commitment is to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information as well as ensure the interests of the village residents are always considered in the decisions we and the County make. This is our one way in and one way out and we take that very seriously.

Miami-Dade County will begin a series of safety measures starting this week:

  1. On June 29, they will begin removing the “U-turn” exit off the causeway just west of William Powell Bridge. This will eliminate the conflict point where the recent bicycle fatalities occurred. Instead, they will require vehicles to enter the park parking lot to access the U-turn (click here for details);
  2. Next, they will conduct a two-week pilot test beginning on Tuesday, July 12 that will provide dedicated lanes for pelotons on Tuesday and Sunday mornings from 5:30 am to 7:30 am;
  3. Third, directly to the east side of William Powell Bridge, they will close the access road to Hobie Beach Park. They are consulting with the Village and the City of Miami to determine where to place the new entry location once the existing one is removed

As Mayor Levine Cava mentions in her memo dated June 28, 2022 (click here for the full memo), these are the first steps in a concerted effort to address safety along the causeway. We will be working with them every step of the way.

As far as the Village’s Rickenbacker Causeway Concept Plan, we are developing the concept drawings with our transportation/traffic engineers. We expect our engineers to have an Initial Draft Concept Plan for us by mid-July. While we have already been engaging with stakeholders, the City of Miami, and the County, we will more formally engage with key stakeholders in the last two weeks of July.

Simultaneously, we will be discussing the plan with our councilmembers and then hold a community meeting in August before we present a Final Draft Concept Plan at the August 23rd Council Meeting. After that meeting, we will take Community and Council feedback and begin to finalize the Village’s Concept Plan.

Our objectives throughout the entire process are:

  1. Improving vehicular traffic – better and safer throughput to Key Biscayne and improved traffic management of special events on Virginia Key
  2. Separating bicycle and pedestrian traffic – create a physical separation between vehicle traffic and bicycle & pedestrian recreation use
  3. Considering connections and access – improve intersections and access to venues along the causeway to reduce traffic congestion and enhance connections to the mainland and the Crandon Park roads & trails
  4. Addressing resiliency – design for sea-level rise and increased storm surge with the ability to rapidly recover by upgrading partially existing stormwater systems
  5. Staying engaged – work closely with the VKB community, Council, Miami-Dade County, City of Miami, and other key stakeholders
  6. Ensuring accountability – strive to create a comprehensive and inclusive causeway governance, funding, operation, and management plan

Let's continue to stand united and work together as we focus on the future of the Rickenbacker Causeway. 



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