VKB Youth Athletics Offered Summer & fall 2022

Seasonal Youth & Adult Athletics Programs

Athletics Program First Name Last Name Season Email Phone
Soccer by KB Soccer Club Marcelo Radice Year Round (305) 608-6046
Girls Volleyball Johanna Guma-Aguiar Summer-Fall
Flag Football Alfredo Zayas Fall (305) 365-8900
Field Hockey Florencia Manero Fall (786) 553-4610
Rugby by Rugby Rats Cristian Krossler Fall (305) 458-2755
Co-Ed Recreational Baseball Alfie Zayas Spring (305) 365-8900
Girls Softball Manny Garcia Spring
Adult Soccer League David Carreno Spring (305) 365-8900
Basketball Jennifer Pema Spring (305) 775-0396
Track & Field Paul Zuccarini Year Round



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