Teachers of all disciplines are encouraged to implement specific activities related to public art with their students. The following are suggested activities to be presented to students for projects in various disciplines.

Teachers may also bring students to tour the Civic Center Plaza, the Art Collection at the Community Center and the Bedia Plazas (see References/ Bibliography for background materials).

Teacher Tour Monaco Pools   Teacher Tour Bedia Plazas
 A group of Miami-Dade County school teachers joined Art in Public Places Board Advisor César Trasobares for a workshop on the
Village's Public Art on December 11, 2010. A field
 trip to the Monaco Pools (left) and Bedia Plazas site projects was part of the workshop.



  • Visit sites and draw plazas in perspective
  • Draw and/or paint details of plazas
  • Design original images based on the plazas
  • Paint abstract compositions based on Morris Pools


  • Describe dances to be performed at sites
  • Plan interpretive choreography about various fauna depicted in plazas


  • Write about plazas:
    • Describe the images and their possible meanings
    • Describe the images and their relation to a barrier island
  • Compose essays about individual plazas
    • Write about the use of language in the plazas by Jose Bedia
    • Compose an essay about the meaning of public art using plazas as examples
  • Compose essay about the Civic Center Oval


Visit the Mashta House Album images and write about the early history of Key Biscayne, the Matheson Family and the Plantation (use Blank as reference)


  • Calculate the square footage of Bedia plazas
  • Calculate the volume of pools and the volume of water in the Morris pools


  • Investigate the circulation of water in the Morris pools
  • Explain the concept of parallax and the optical phenomenon where the lines appear slightly bent in the Morris pools
  • Study historical sundials and the structure of Jim Drain's Pleated Gnomon


Investigate the species of fauna depicted in the Bedia plazas



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