Lectures and Events

Public Lectures, Exhibits and Events

The Board has sponsored public programs since its inception in 2001. The chronology includes performances, exhibits and speakers presented through the APP Seminar Series in 2005-2006 and the APP Public Lecture Series in 2007-2008. 

Seminar Series:

Patricia Fuller               November 3, 2005

César Trasobares         November 17, 2005

Sarah Morris                 November 2, 2006 (Monaco Pools Dedication)

Public Lecture Series:

Joan Gill Blank and      March 8, 2007 (Opening of Peter Evans Exhibition)
Peter Evans

Glenn Weiss                 January 24, 2008


Fair of Discoveries Performance                                 April 18, 2004
Teatro Avanti

Photograph Loan - Courtesy of Veronica Scharf         September 2005
Garcia, Manager, Horst P. Horst Archive

Sand & Light Exhibition                                                September 2005

Panel Discussion, Sand & Light Exhibition                  September 29, 2005
(Cecila Arboleda, Quisqueya Hernandez and
Veronica Scharf Garcia)

Dale Andree Interpretive Site Specific Project             April 15, 2007



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