Photographs by Henriquez / Arboleda

Photographs by contemporary artists are featured in the Building, Zoning, Planning and Public Works Department Conference Room on the second floor of Village Hall.


Quisqueya Henriquez

De la Serie: Espacios Públicos, "Arquitectura de luces", 1988
Eight images, each 20"? x 24" (two shown)

Henriquez photo 1   Henriquez photo 2

Statement by Quisqueya Hernriquez:

"Monumental architecture usually marks the urban cartography. The viewer finds myriad ways of establishing a dialogue with the public realm.

De la Serie:  Espacios Públicos, "Arquitectura de luces"?, was realized in 1998. The series explores the traditional forms of the  official architecture of power.  The series takes as a reference the Lighthouse built in Santo Domingo for the 500th anniversary of the first voyage of Christopher Colombus.  The lighthouse is an actual landmark that seeks a dialogue among geographies. Its signal references a consciousness of limits and of arrival and departure."

Donated by Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz.

Cecilia Arboleda 


Arboleda-Key Biscayne Bridge    Arboleda-Brickell from Key Biscayne
"Key Biscayne Bridge"?, 1994
Gelatin silver print 20" x 24"
  "Brickell from Key Biscayne" 1994
Gelatin silver print 20" x 24"

Arboleda-Road to Key Biscayne

  Arboleda-Fishing at Key Biscayne
"Road to Key Biscayne", 1994
Gelatin silver print 11" x 14"
  "Fishing at Key Biscayne", 1994 
 Gelatin silver print 11" x 14"


Statement by Cecilia Arboleda:

"As a photographer, it has always been my curiosity that leads me to a place and the possibility of a relationship with such place that gets me involved. My goal was ultimately a discovery, an emotional relationship with the site."

Donated by Interamerican Consulting Group, Inc.




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