Strategic Vision Plan

A Vision Plan provides a roadmap for the future. The process identifies short, medium, and long-term improvements, and the path to implementing them. The Strategic Vision Plan for Key Biscayne identifies future enhancements and aspirations that residents seek for our long-term future. It will be crafted by our community, for our community. The Vision Board's planning process for Key Biscayne synthesizes input from the community, through surveys, idea boards on SPEAK UP, and public meetings. DPZ CoDESIGN is working alongside the Strategic Vision Board to engage Key Biscayne's residents and stakeholders in crafting the Vision Plan goals, priorities and trade-offs, The final Vision Plan will be realistic, attainable, and executable for Key Biscayne.

The Plan began in 2019 with the appointment of a Strategic Vision Board of community leaders charged with the responsibility of stewarding the Vision Plan -- an inspiring guidebook that is acts as a "living" document that can guide the Village for the decades to come. The Board analyzed strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (S.W.O.T), and organized those findings into key themes on which to engage the citizens of the Village.

February 15 - 19, 2022: Strategic Vision Plan Charrettes (Workshops)

VIEW the Opening Presentation (External link)(link(by DPZ from February 15th (link pending)

VIEW Community and Management (External link)(Meeting 1) from Tuesday February 15th.

VIEW Future & Policy Presentation(External link) (Meeting 2) from Wednesday February 16th.

(External link)

VIEW Place & Design Presentation(External link) (Meeting 3) from Thursday February 17th.

VIEW Draft Materials Review(External link) (Meeting 4) by DPZ from Friday February 18th.

VIEW Closing Presentation(External link) by DPZ from Saturday, February 19th.

March - June, 2022: Strategic Vision Plan Drafts

VKB Place & Design Draft

VKB Resiliency & Future V8 Draft

VKB Policy & Regulations V3 Draft

VKB Community & Management With Executive Summary



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