Code Compliance

Code Compliance aims to safeguard the health, safety and general welfare of the public within the Village of Key Biscayne. They are tasked with preserving the quality of life through education and enforcement of municipal code of ordinances, the adopted construction codes and standards.

The Code Compliance Division is responsible for

  • Enforcing Village Zoning and Land Development regulations
  • Enforcing the Florida Building Code
  • Enforcing commercial and residential property maintenance standards
  • Enforcing environmental issues related to marine turtles, stormwater, tree trimming and construction sites
  • Issuing local Business Tax Receipts (BTR)  
  • Overseeing the Special Magistrates Board
Code Compliance Department Hours: Monday - Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM and available online 24/7. 
To contact Code Compliance, please call (305) 365 - 7572 or email 
You may also Report A Violation electronically by clicking here.  


Code Violations
When a code violations is observed, a Code Compliance Officer will either issue a verbal warning, a warning violation notice, or a civil violation notice - depending on severity of the violation - to the responsible party, to correct the violation. 

Business owners / property owners are given reasonable time to correct the violations. Most code violations are resolved during the time given by the Village. 

If the violation is not corrected in the timeframe given, a hearing will be scheduled before the Board of Special Magistrates. The Special Magistrates have the authority to impose a new compliance date and daily fines if compliance is not achieved. At the hearing, the business or property owner is given the opportunity to present evidence or testimony. 

Anonymous Complaints
As of July 1, 2021, Florida law prohibits code inspectors from initiating investigations of potential violations of codes and ordinances by way of anonymous complaints. It also requires persons reporting potential violations to provide contact information before an investigation occurs. If the Code Compliance officer has reason to believe the alleged violation presents an imminent threat to public health, safety, or welfare or imminent destruction of habitat or sensitive resources, then the prohibition does not apply.

Effective immediately, in compliance with Florida law, neighbors will be required to provide their name and address when filing a complaint.



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