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It is my sincere honor and pleasure to serve this exciting community as your Village Manager. We are the lucky ones as the Village of Key Biscayne is truly a spectacular Island Paradise with an engaged and diverse blend of residents, a high quality of life, and a strong sense of place.

My team and I are proud to put all our residents first as each day we aim to deliver superior government services, projects, and programs through hard work and partnerships with the community, businesses, local organizations, and neighboring municipalities. We understand that stewardship, teamwork, and excellence matter. So, I have empowered my staff to work effectively and efficiently to first ensure we have a safe and secure village as we concentrate on cultivating a thriving and vibrant community and local marketplace; creating engaging and active public spaces and programs; forming an accessible, connected, and mobile transportation network; and building a resilient and sustainable environment and infrastructure.

Whether you are a longtime resident, a newcomer, or a business owner, I invite you to get involved in our extraordinary community. Be out and enjoy our village, attend community events, participate in community surveys, and visit us at Village Hall. We welcome your input and are committed to providing exceptional public safety, services, and infrastructure to all who live, work, play, eat and shop in our vibrant, thriving and connected Island Paradise.  Join us as we build a stronger, more resilient community.

Steve Williamson
Village Manager


The Village Manager is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Village Council, is directly responsible for executing Village laws and ordinances and is responsible for implementation of policies set forth by the Village Council.  

Steve Williamson  is the Village Manager for the Village of Key Biscayne.

The Manager's Office is located in Suite 210 of Village Hall. 
Phone: (305) 365-5514
Fax: (305) 365-8936

As Chief Executive Officer of the Village government, the Village Manager is responsible for providing and exercising leadership, supervision and direct control over the required administrative and operating staff in concert with official Village Council direction and policies. The Village Manager assists in setting a strategy and adopting a financial plan for Village operations by helping to prepare for Council consideration the Annual Operating Budget and Capital Improvements Program.  The Village Manager develops and recommends alternative solutions to community problems, as well as, plans and develops programs to meet the future physical, social, and cultural needs of the Village. The Village Manager is responsible for the execution of contracts, deeds and other document on behalf of the Village to the extent provided by Council, and is responsible for the enforcement of all laws, charter and acts of the Council.



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