Art in Public Places Board

The Board:

Members (as of Fall 2019)

Lourdes Jofre-Collett, Chair
Rosa de la Cruz
Bill Durham
Diane Grob
Karen Llorente
Joan Matheson
Diane Moss

Previous Board members are acknowledged here.


  • Recommend the acquisition and placement of art in the Village
  • Create and administer the placement of art which is loaned to the Village

Meeting Times and Place

Board meetings, usually on the second Tuesday of the month at 10:30 am, are advertised and open to the public at the following location:

Key Biscayne Community Center
10 Village Green Way
Key Biscayne, FL 33149 
Tel: (305) 365-8900

Agendas and Minutes are available here.

The Village staff members providing assistance to the Board (as of Fall 2019):

Todd Hofferberth, Director
Ana J. Colls, Assistant Director
Parks and Recreation Department
(305) 365-8900

The Council Liaison to the Board: Councilmember Frank Caplan.

The Artistic Advisor to the Board: César Trasobares (2003 to 2019)


The Art in Public Places Board, shall act in the public interest upon all matters relating to the program and shall support the program’s goals and objectives. The Board’s responsibilities include recommendations to the Council for the selection, maintenance, planning, and curating of all Works of Art acquired by the Village. The Board’s responsibilities also include the selection, maintenance, planning and public education regarding and curating of all Works of Art to be loaned to the Village.
The Board shall be comprised of (7) members who shall be appointments by the Mayor with the approval of Council. The supporting Department for the Board shall be the Parks and Recreation Department.

Each member shall be knowledgeable in public art, must be a resident of the Village, and is precluded from participating in and/or voting on any matter which may directly or indirectly benefit the member, any family member or business associate member.

The members shall serve at the will of Council.

Council Liaison: Frank Caplan
Staff Liaison:      Todd Hofferberth, Parks and Recreation Director


First Name Last Name Term Started: Appointed by: Term Limit:
Rosa De la Cruz 01/28/03 Robert Oldakwski Will of Council
Lourdes Joffre-Collett 01/28/03 Robert Oldakwski Will of Council
Bill Durham 10/15/19 Michael W. Davey Will of Council
Diane Moss 02/05/05 Robert Oldakwski Will of Council
Joan Matheson 01/24/06 Robert Oldakwski Will of Council
Karen Llorente 12/09/08 Robert Vernon Will of Council
Diane Grob 11/19/19 Michael W. Davey Will of Council

Agendas and minutes are available here.



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