Village Clerk

Mission Statement

The Office of the Village Clerk is committed to serving the public of Key Biscayne by pledging to be ever mindful of its neutrality and impartiality -- rendering equal service to all. The Clerk's Office also upholds the Village's Mission Statement, particularly the section to "provide a...quality community environment...through responsible government."

Department Description

The Office of the Village Clerk was established on June 18, 1991 with the adoption of the Village Charter. The Charter prescribes that the Council shall appoint a Village Clerk who shall give notice of Village Council meetings, keep a journal of its proceedings and perform other such duties as may be prescribed by the Village Council from time to time.

The Village Clerk also provides a myriad of other services that are dictated through ordinances, state statutes and tradition, including preparing Council Agendas, publishing public notices, serving as Supervisor of Elections, processing and maintaining custody of agreements, contracts, ordinances, resolutions and proclamations, administering publication of the Village Code and Charter and providing information and records research to the Council, staff and public.

The Office of the Village Clerk has implemented state-of-the-art technology to enhance the dissemination of information regarding the activities of the Village Council and the Village Government including: optical imaging of records and frequently requested documents (agenda packets, minutes, resolutions, ordinances, etc.), which provides for quick retrieval time and reduced storage space and publication of the full agenda packet on the Village's website.

The Clerk's Office is staffed by the Village Clerk and an Executive Assistant.

The Clerk's Office is in Suite 220 of Village Hall.

Jocelyn B Koch is the Village Clerk.
Tel: (305) 365-5506
Fax: (305) 365-8914

Myriam Restrepo is the Executive Assistant to the Clerk. 
Tel: (305) 365-5506
Fax: (305) 365-8914



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